BBT: Cuộc đón rước Lý Tống trong video clip dưới đây xảy ra vào ngày 9 tháng 1 năm 2000 sau khi Phi công Lý Tống đã hoàn thành chuyến bay xâm nhập vào không phận Cuba ngày 1 tháng 1 năm 2000 bay trên nền trời của thủ đô Havana để rải 50,000 truyền đơn tranh đấu cho Tự Do - Dân Chủ và Nhân Quyền cho dân Cuba. Đây là sự kiện vĩ đại đối với người Mỹ gốc Cuba. Chúng ta người Việt có thể có người chưa xem qua video clip này, vậy xin phổ biến để mọi ngưòi thưởng ngoạn và tưởng nhớ đến Anh Hùng Lý Tống, người đã ra đi nhưng để lại tiếng thơm, gương sáng và niềm hãnh diện cho mọi người Việt Tỵ Nạn chúng ta.

Cuộc đón chào sự trở về Florida của Anh Hùng Lý Tống sau chuyến bay xâm nhập vào Cuba để tranh đấu cho Tự Do
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LY TONG - Freedom Fighter, Hero's Welcome Back Parade in Florida, Jan. 9-2000
On his return back to Florida after dropped leaflets over Havana, Cuba on Jan. 1-2000 for Freedom-Democracy-Human Rights in Cuba, Ly Tong-Freedom Fighter was hailed a Hero by the Cuban-Americans and there was a Hero Return Parade (Jan. 9-2000) for his flight over Cuba.
President Ronald Reagan praised Ly Tong in a December 12, 1984 letter as, "an example and inspiration to all who would know the price of freedom."
Ly Tong (born Le Van Tong, in Hue, Vietnam) was a former South Vietnamese Air Force pilot who enlisted at the age of 15. He was shot down during the final days of the Vietnam War 1975. The Communist North Vietnamese Army captured him and he spent five years in a reeducation camp. He escaped and spent two years hiding in the jungles of Vietnam before he showed up in Singapore. He resettled to the United States in 1984 as a political refugee. He earned a Master's degree (Political Science) and made the Dean's list at the University of New Orleans (he was in pursuit of the Ph.D in Political Science at that time).
He hijacked an Air Vietnam Airbus and forced the pilot to fly over Saigon (renamed Ho Chi Minh city) in 1992. After dumping antiCommunist Vietnamese government leaflets over the city he parachuted into a swamp. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He was released in September of 1998.
He flew over Havana on New Years Day, Jan. 1-2000, and distributed anti Communist Cuban government and dictator Fidel Castro leaflets. He flew back to Miami where the FFA suspended his pilots license. The leaflets stated:
- "Demand your right to be the master of your own freedom and liberty. Insist on redressing every Cuban social and cultural issue associated with your inalienable human rights!"
- "Coordinate Cuba's internal resistance forces with her global partners in quest for liberty, including all freedom fighters of Vietnam, China, Korea and everywhere else in the Universe, to overthrow Havana's tyrannical legacy of the Twentieth Century."
- "Get rid of Fidel Castro and the cruelty of his Twentieth Century regime."
Mr. Tong went to Bankok Thailand (November 18, 2000) where he flew over Saigon (renamed Ho Chi Minh city) again and distributed antiCommunist Vietnamese government leaflets. Upon his return to Bankok he was arrested. In 2007, he was released by the Thai government and returned back to the United States.
On 26 August 2008, Ly Tong rented a plane & pilot for travel in South Korea. But a short time after taking off, Tong told the pilot to fly the airplane over North Korea so that he could spread anti-communist leaflets to the North Koreans. The pilot told him that due to the lack of fuel they had to return to Seoul to refill, while sending an emergency hijacking signal to the airport authorities. Upon landing, Tong was arrested and briefly detained and released by the airport authorities.