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Lâm Đồng police-thugs attack dissidents for visiting released prisoner of conscience

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Lâm Đồng police-thugs attack dissidents for visiting released prisoner of conscience

CTV Danlambao/Translated by Jasmine Tran (Danlambao) - On 27 August 2015, a group of more than ten people including professor Phạm Minh Hoàng, Đặng Xuân Hà, Trương Minh Tam, Chu Mạnh Sơn, and Trần Thị Nga went to visit Trần Minh Nhật, a prisoner of conscience. Nhật has just finished his jail term in Yên Thành, Đạ Đờn commune, Lâm Hà district in Lâm Đồng province.
On the morning of 28 August, the group said their goodbyes to Nhật’s family. On the way to Đà Lạt, at around 10:30, their car passed a deserted spot in Nghĩa Lâm, Liên Hiệp, Đức Trọng district, Lâm Đồng province. They were then stopped by a group of about twenty thugs.

Hải Phòng worker fired over support for democracy

CTV Danlambao * Translated by Jasmine Tran (Danlambao) - On 29 July 2015, Region 3 Petroleum Company, in Hải Phòng, fired worker Đỗ Ngọc Hương. Company Director Thái, informing Hương verbally, said that police had pressured him do the firing, and told him that the company would face difficulty if it didn’t.
Đỗ Ngọc Hương, born in Thái Bình, lives in Trần Thành Ngọ ward, Kiến An district, Hải Phòng province, with his wife and two young children.

Departing diplomat sees “very positive developments”

Đoan Trang (Vietnam Right Now) - Vietnamese human rights and democracy activists have paid an emotional farewell to a Swedish diplomat who has done much to support their cause in recent years.
Elenore Kanter, the Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission at the Swedish Embassy, said she had seen much progress in the development of civil society organisations during her time in Hanoi.

World Hunger Strike Day demands Freedom for Prisoners of Conscience - 25 July 2015

Photo Hoàng Ngọc Diêu
Jasmine Tran (Danlambao) – World Hunger Strike Day is a symbol of solidarity for the hardship and misery that Vietnamese human rights dissidents suffer. With hunger strikes in Vietnam as well as overseas, a strong message of solidarity is clear: “We are one”.
The Vietnam World Hunger Strike is the next step of the “We Are One” human rights movement, which is being held in many countries. They include Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, South Korea, United States, Laos, France, Finland, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, and Vietnam.

Attacked and arrested during hungerstrike in Nha Trang

Jessica RyanSeveral dissidents were attacked and arrested during todays international hungerstrike in support of Vietnams prisoners of conscience.
The hungerstrike was part of the We Are One movement, and was arranged in several countries. It is a unique effort to bring attention to the prisoners of conscience in Vietnam, as it is the first event that is arranged both in and outside of Vietnam, at the same time.

Announcement about World Hunger Strike Day for Freedom of Prisoners of Conscience in Hanoi

In response to the call for World Hunger Strike Day for Freedom of Prisoners of Conscience July 25, 2015 in a bid to promote Human Rights 2015 campaign, we, residents of Hanoi and adjacient localities, agree to participate in the event, with goals to demand the Vietnamese government to respect human rights and release all prisoners of conscience.
Time: from 8.00 AM of Saturday [July 25, 2015] until 8.00 AM Sunday [July 26, 2015]
Place: Bach Thao Park, Hoang Hoa Tham street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi (see map below)

Announcement on World Hunger Strike Day for Freedom of Prisoners of Conscience in Nha Trang City

To demand the Vietnamese government to respect human rights and to express our compassions to all prisoners of conscience in Vietnam, we, the participants of World Hunger Strike Day in Nha Trang, will officially commence our hunger strike program in public as follow
Time: from 9:00 until 21:00 on Saturday (25th, July, 2015)
Place: Tran Phu’s Park, near Sailing Club, opposite with Khanh Hoa Television (see map below)

Q&A: Ta Phong Tan's sister calls for release of ailing and jailed Vietnamese blogger

By Bob Dietz/CPJ Asia Program Coordinator - As an independent blogger, Ta Phong Tan often highlighted abuses in Vietnam's justice system. Now as a prisoner of conscience serving a 10-year sentence for "propagandizing against the state," an anti-state offense under Article 88 of Vietnam's criminal code, she is suffering under the same abusive system she once critiqued and exposed.

Country, State, Nation, and the Republic of Vietnam

Tuấn Cao-Đắc (Danlambao)Abstract: Contrary to communist propaganda that the Republic of Vietnam (RVN) died after the communists invaded and occupied South Vietnam in 1975, the RVN has remained alive and continues to prosper as a country, though occupied, and a nation according to definitions, doctrines, and theories on countries, states, and nations. Like the Soviet Union, communist Vietnam will collapse due to extreme brutality and extreme fraud. In addition, communist Vietnam is an illegitimate state, a neo-colonial state with communist China as its master, and a state without nation. The collapse of the current communist regime is inevitable. The country and nation of the RVN will rise to become a sovereign state for the entire country of Vietnam.

Press Release

Event: World Hunger Strike Day for Freedom of Conscience Prisoners in Vietnam
Organizer: WE ARE ONE Movement
Date/Time: From 8:00am, July 25, 2015 to 8:00am, July 26, 2015
Venue: Over 20 major cities in 15 countries worldwide

Hai Duong: To protest land seizure, a farmer was run over by bulldozer

CTV Danlambao - Translated by Như Ngọc (Danlambao) - Due to inadequate compensation, on the morning of July 10, 2015, many land-grab victims at Cam Dien commune, Cam Giang district, Hai Duong province made a protest to block a bulldozer from entering the developing Cam Dien - Luong Dien industrial park.
To suppress the protestors, the communist authorities unexpectedly ordered the bulldozer to run into the crowd, despite the terrifying screams from the crowd.

EU Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World in 2014 - Vietnam

Vietnam - Respect for and promotion of democratic principles and human and fundamental rights at work constitute an essential element of the EU-Vietnam Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) signed in June 2012. The EU's main concerns include civil and political rights, specifically the freedoms of expression, of the media and of religion or belief, as well as the application of the death penalty. In the framework of the advanced implementation of the PCA, the EU and Vietnam in October held the preparatory meeting for the fourth round of the enhanced human rights dialogue due to take place in January 2015 in Brussels.

Saigon: Police arrest journalist Pham Chi Dung

CTV Danlambao - Translated by Như Ngọc - Pham Chi Dung, president of the Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam (IJAVN), was arrested by police in Saigon on the morning of June 25, 2015 and detained at an unknown location.

Plot to revenge against lawyer Vo An Don uncovered

CTV Danlambao * Nhu Ngoc translated - Very important evidence concerning a despicable plot revenging against lawyer Vo An Don has just been revealed.
Nguyen Thai Hoc, head of the department of internal affairs of Phu Yen province, is identified as the main architect of the plot. He was selected a member of the Standing Party Committee of the province early this year.

The Network of Vietnamese Bloggers voices opinion on the hunger strike of blogger Tạ Phong Tần

As from May 13, 2015, blogger Tạ Phong Tần has gone on hunger strike to protest against the ill-treatment of political prisoners by the wardens of Prison No. 5, Yen Dinh district, Thanh Hoa, which is under the Ministry of Public Security.
Three weeks later, in a family visit on June 3, 2015, Tạ Phong Tần confirmed this to her family and was determined that she would continue the hunger strike.

Invasion, state, loss of country, and national day of hatred

Tuấn Cao-Đắc (Danlambao) - Abstract: In the second part of his two-part article, author Cù Huy Hà Vũ argues that the Vietnamese Communist Party (VCP) must be dissolved to save the country. While this conclusion may have some merit, several of his arguments and conclusions in the first part are completely wrong. In essence, his assertions about the Vietnam War, including those that state there was no invasion and the Republic of Vietnam (RVN) was not a state or country, are incorrect. More importantly, his arguments that there was no loss of country and April 30 should not be the national day of hatred indicate his ignorance about the anti-communist Overseas Vietnamese (OV) and the anti-communist Vietnamese, especially the South Vietnamese, people living in Vietnam. In reality, their sense of loss of country has always been genuine because indeed the RVN was occupied by the Vietnamese communist faction. The national day of hatred is commemorated not just to mourn the loss of freedom and democracy, but also to mark the beginning of the darkest period in the history of Vietnam.

Baby Potato and his Mother

Phạm Thanh Nghiêm * Translated by Chấn Minh (Danlambao) - Ngà’s prison term was ending and her release was imminent. And so one afternoon, she haltingly told me:
- I want to tell you something, but I am not sure if I should…
I cut her off and told her as I swiped the drool off the face of Potato whom I was holding in my arms:
- What are you talking about? We are sisters, come on, just tell me!

Day 25, no sign of ending hunger strike from Ta Phong Tan

Nhu Ngoc (Danlambao) Translated - The prisoner of conscience Ta Phong Tan has now been on her hunger strike for 25 days without any signs of ending.

Blogger Ta Phong Tan has been on hunger strike for 24 days

Ta Minh Tu and Thich Thien Minh call for the release of blogger Ta Phong Tan.

Nhu Ngoc (Danlambao) Translated - Blogger Ta Phong Tan, a member of the Club of Free Journalists sentenced to 10 years in prison, has been on hunger strike since May 15, 2015 to protest against harsh condition and maltreatment in communist prison.
Ta Minh Tu, a younger sister of blogger Ta Phong Tan, confirmed this news with Danlambao after visiting her sister in Prison No 5 in Thanh Hoa on June 03, 2015.

Police assault Pham Thanh Nghien and members of the NVB

Danlambao - Translated by Doan Trang - At midday of June 2, 2015, several members of the Network of Vietnamese Bloggers, including Nguyễn Tiến Nam from Yên Bái, Nguyễn Ngọc Như Quỳnh (a.k.a. Mẹ Nấm, Mother Mushroom) from Nha Trang, and Dương Lâm from Sài Gòn came together to discuss on the Southeast Asian Sea dispute and the TPP negotiation between the United States and the communist Vietnam government. The discussion especially focused on advocacy efforts in the second phase of the 2015 Human Rights Campaign, which aims at calling for the release of prisoners of conscience and fighting for freedom and democracy in the context of the TPP negotiation process.

Long An police confiscate land, imprison mother, terrorize daughter to make her suffer mental disorder

Duong Thi Cam Mong, eldest daughter of the victim of injustice Phung Thi Ly who is being detained by the communist regime

Như Ngọc (Danlambao) translated - Duong Thi Cam Mong, the eldest daughter of Phung Thi Ly has been hospitalized in a state of serious mental disorder after being detained and tortured by Long An police for nine days for allegedly “disturbing social order.”

Activist Dinh Quang Tuyen assaulted by security agents

CTV Danlambao * Translated by Như Ngọc - At 7:15 this morning, May 19, 2015, Dinh Quang Tuyen, nicknamed Tuyen Xich Lo, got a bloody face after being attacked on the street by 2 communist security agents while biking for morning exercise.
The assault took place at Dong Dieu area on Cao Lo Street, District 8, Saigon, causing bone fracture on the victim’s nose and bleeding all over his body.

Activists made protest accusing Vietcombank of cheating

Translated by Như Ngọc (Danlambao) - On May 12, 2015, a number of activists in Hanoi made a protest at the Thanh Xuan branch of Vietcombank to demand deposits be withdrawn.
Many protesters held banners accusing Vietcombank of cheating customers in front of the bank at 448-450 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.

Statement from "For a Green Hanoi" group on the attack against Nguyen Chi Tuyen

At 7:30 a.m. May 11, 2015, Nguyen Chi Tuyen (Facebooker Anh Chi), a member of "For a Green Hanoi," was suddenly attacked by five masked men on Ngoc Thuy Street, Long Bien district, Hanoi, after taking his child to school.

The Communist Vietnamese government is trying to assassinate its dissidents?

Ngoc Nhi Nguyen (Danlambao) - Mr Nguyen Chi Tuyen is a keen democracy activist and a real gentleman. He is funny, witty and polite to all. He was present at all of the pro democracy events in Viet Nam and he was always there when his friends got beaten up by the police to support them. This morning, it was his turn to be beaten up, and the injuries were so severe, they could easily have killed him!

Before meeting with Nguyen Phu Trong, Obama holds talk with Dieu Cay

US President Barack Obama has held a talk with blogger Nguyen Van Hai (aka. Dieu Cay), who used to be considered “anti-state” and sentenced to almost 15 years of imprisonment by the communist government of Vietnam.
The meeting is particularly significant when it takes place before Nguyen Phu Trong, General Secretary of the Vietnamese Communist Party, pays his visit to the United States in May.

Police press criminal charges against Nguyen Viet Dung, search his home

CTV Danlambao/Translated by Như Ngọc - On morning April 27, 2015, the communist police arrived at Nguyen Viet Dung’s private residence in Nghe An to read a search warrant and conduct a search.
Reportedly, police seized a military uniform of the former Republic of Vietnam and a computer hard drive that belong to Dung.

Declaration by NVB on police’s arbitrary detention of Nguyễn Viết Dũng

April 21, 2015
At midday on April 12, Hanoi police placed Nguyễn Viết Dũng and his four companions under urgent arrest. According to the custody decision signed by Senior Lieutenant Colonel Chu An Thanh on April 13, Nguyễn Viết Dũng was arrested urgently because he “had caused public disorder at Hoan Kiem lake”, violating Article 245 of the Vietnamese Penal Code.
We, the Network of Vietnamese Bloggers, opine that:

Police assault admin of “For A Green Hanoi” group

CTV Danlambao - Trịnh Anh Tuấn, an admin of the environment group “For a Green Hanoi”, was attacked at Cổ Linh street (Long Biên district, Hanoi) at7:45 am. on April 22 by three communist police who hit him brutally with bricks.
The serious attack happened after Trịnh Anh Tuấn and some other young people staged marches to protest against the Hanoi authority’s plan to fell trees.

Communist authorities charge Nguyen Viet Dung with "disturbing public order"

Nguyen Viet Dung and his home made yellow flag flying at his home in Nghe An province
CTV Danlambao/Translated by Như Ngọc - After 9 days of silence, Hanoi police has announced the reason for making urgent arrest and detaining Nguyen Viet Dung, the man who dons an airborne uniform of the former Republic of Vietnam appearing during a protest at Hoan Kiem Lake in the morning of Sunday, April 12, 2015.
Nguyen Viet Dung, nickname Dung Phi Ho, was charged with "disturbing public order" under Article 245 of the penal code, a charge that would confine this 29 year-old man from Nghe An up to seven years in prison.

Victims of Injustice risk their lives to save properties in Long An

CTV Danlambao * Translated by Như Ngọc - Twelve victims of injustice were arrested after risking their lives to make a brave resistance against a forced eviction and caused serious injuries to at least 20 local police. The incident occurred on the morning of April 14, 2015 when the victims threw petrol bombs, splashed acid, and caused an explosion from a welding tank in an attempt to stop the unjust eviction carried out by the communist authorities of Long An province.

The Battle of Xuân Lộc

Tuấn Cao-Đắc (Danlambao) - The following article is a section, titled "The Battle of Xuân Lộc," in the historical and factual notes accompanying the short story "I Did Not Die" (Cao-Đắc 2014, 210-255) in the short story collection “Fire In The Rain,” (Cao-Đắc, Tuấn. 2014. Fire In The Rain. Hellgate Press, Oregon, U.S.A.) The story "I Did Not Die" is a fictionalized account based on true events in South Vietnam in April 1975. One significant event is the battle of Xuân Lộc which took place from April 9 to April 20. This section includes notes that support various details and scenes depicted in the story and therefore is not intended to be a coherent essay.

2015 Civil Rights Defender Of The Year - Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh

Occupation: Blogging, Coordinator of the Vietnamese Bloggers Network
Pen Name: Mẹ Nấm (Mother Mushroom)
Hometown: Nha Trang City, Vietnam
Awards: Won the 2010 Hellman/Hammett Award from Human Rights Watch.
Children: Daughter 8, Son 2
Well known for her use of social media to speak out about social injustice and human rights violations, Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh has been blogging under the pen name Me Nam since 2006. Her writing has been critical of the Vietnamese government’s corruption, human rights abuses and foreign policy toward China, including the two nations’ territorial disputes. Because of her activism for free expression and other universal human rights, she has been arrested, detained, interrogated, harassed and beaten up by security police on several occasions, including in 2009 when she was taken away at midnight from her home with her two-year-old daughter left behind alone, and detained for ten days.

The Freedom Fighters

Tuấn Cao-Đắc (Danlambao) - The following is the short story "THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS" ("NHỮNG CHIẾN SĨ CHO TỰ DO") (Cao-Đắc 2014, 256-285) in the short story collection “FIRE IN THE RAIN,” (Cao-Đắc, Tuấn. 2014. Fire In The Rain. Hellgate Press, Oregon, U.S.A.) Every story in “FIRE IN THE RAIN” is accompanied by relevant historical and factual notes. The Vietnamese version is translated by the author from the English original text, "FIRE IN THE RAIN." "THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS" is a fictionalized account of what happened to the boat people who escaped from Vietnam in the late 1970s and early 1980s, as told by survivors and witnesses in the largest exodus of civilians in the history of mankind in peace time.

A Signature for Vietnam Human Rights 2015

WFHRVN ( - The upcoming date of April 30th, 2015 will mark the fortieth commemoration of the Vietnamese Communist Party’s exertion of their power over the entirety of Vietnam. Throughout their time in power, the communist government of Vietnam has never shown their interest or implement the rules of respecting the basic human rights of their citizens. In contrariety, the Vietnamese government authority has been using a wide variety of tactics from violence to sophisticated conspiracies to suppress individuals and non-governmental organizations for their action in demanding these basic human rights. Although the persecution by the communist government of Vietnam has not succeeded in eradicating the democracy and human rights movements. There are more and more individuals, civic organizations, religious associations expressing their political views on such matters.

Letter of apology from blogger Me Nam to German Embassy and Bundestag Delegation

Dear Mr. Felix Schwartz, Political Officer at the German Embassy in Vietnam,
Dear Professor Norbert Lammert, President of the Bundestag,
My name is Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh. I am writing to apologise to you for failing to attend the meeting in Hanoi with the Delegation of the Bundestag on Sunday, March 29, as planned. I am extremely sorry because an undesired incidence has prevented me from going to Hanoi, though I have tried my best to get there on time.

Khanh Hoa Province: Police kidnapped 2 bloggers Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh and Vo Truong Thien

CTV Danlambao - An urgent message was sent to Danlambao reporting that at 11 am today, 28/03/2015, two bloggers in Nha Trang Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh (Mother Mushroom) and Vo Truong Thien were kidnapped by the police on Nguyen Tat Thanh Ave.
Reportedly, the two bloggers were arrested while on their way to the airport for flight to Hanoi at 12:30 to participate in the meeting with the delegation of the German Federal Parliament at the invitation of the German embassy.

Communist secret agents kidnapped blogger Doan Trang

CTV Danlambao - Translated by Nhu Ngọc (Danlambao) - At 15:45 this afternoon, March 26, 2015, communist security agents suddenly rushed in to kidnap blogger Pham Doan Trang when she joined some family members of death row prisoner Nguyen Van Chuong going to the embassies of the United States and European Union.

Police continue attacks against Rev. Nguyen Hong Quang

CTV Danlambao - Around 9:30 this morning, March 25, 2015, Rev. Nguyen Hong Quang, the pastor of the Mennonite church of My Phuoc at D10, My Phuoc 1, Ben Cat, Binh Duong province, and his son Nguyen Quang Trieu had been cruelly assaulted by communist security agents while were on their way to their church to do routine maintenance works.

Please speak up to save the suppressed prisoners of conscience in Xuyen Moc prison

Trương Minh Đức * Translated by Như Ngọc (Danlambao) - Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Lien, mother of the prisoner of conscience Nguyen Dinh Kha, and five relatives and friends went to Xuyen Moc prison in Ba Ria, Vung Tau to visit Kha on March 22, 2015; however, they could not give him supplies because Kha and 7 other prisoners of conscience have been on a hunger strike demanding the right to receive books, pens and writing papers according to Article 15 of the prison regulations mandated by the so-called Department 8 of the Ministry of Public Security.